Mountain bike guide – Slovenia, Italy, France, Canada, America

I love extreme sports and adventures. After my ski racing career, I obtained my level 3 instructor certificate in alpine and freestyle skiing and started to chase winters from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, all over to Canada. When winter is over, you will find me riding my mountain bike on local trails and parks. During my stay in Canada, I spent a summer working as a bike instructor of level 2 in Whistler bike park. I will make sure your trip will be unforgettable!


Mountain guide – Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France

I climb Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, about 25 times per year, which sums up to around 200 climbs in my life so far. I am a member of technical commission by Slovenian mountain guides association and IFMGA instructor. I guide all ascents in Slovenia, from normal route to Triglav or up its north face, as well as ice climbing, ski touring, heli-skiing… I have been guiding all around the Alps but I found my passion guiding in my home mountains as I find this place simply amazing. Passionate, fun and a great companion in the mountains or at dinners in the evening.

road main guide Julian Alps


Road cycling leader –  Slovenia, Italy, France

After doing some rides on a trekking bike from my hometown to the Croatian coast, I developed into an ultra-cyclist who took a win in Slovenian ultra-cycling event RAS Extreme in a Recumbent Bike category. As a brevet lover, I successfully completed two recent Paris-Brest-Paris legendary routes. Finishing a Master degree in Kinesiology, I have a lot of experience in coaching individuals in endurance sports. Nowadays, my first occupation is being a head coach of Slovenian para-cycling team. I also work as a bike fitter in a world known science company S2P Ltd. As a founder and lead organizer, I have taken cyclists to different routes in the Canary Islands, France and Italy. I currently live in Pivka, Slovenija, where I am enjoying local beautiful routes in the saddle, whether on the road or riding single tracks.



Mountain bike guide – Slovenia, Italy

Biking has always been a big part of my life, from the first mountain bike that I got when I was 10. And even 24 years later my love for biking grows stronger every day. Ten years ago, I obtained my MTB guide license and that was when I discovered a totally different kind of bike riding. Before I mostly did XC, which means roads and polished trails in the forest. But since then you can only find me on wild trails deep in the forest, searching and discovering… For me, mountain biking means living the life that I have always wanted to. It shows me how beautiful our planet is and it fills my heart with happiness and love. In the winter, you can find me on cross country skiing trails, or hiking around with snowshoes, skiing, or snowboarding on slopes. It doesn’t matter how hard the way up or how crazy the downhill part is, it is important to enjoy and embrace all the beauty of the moment.

Nature is my playground and when I’m out there I feel alive.


Mountain Guide –  Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France

Life is like skiing. Look around and enjoy every moment regardless the conditions. I grew up in Slovenia with the Julian Alps as my backyard. When I was 13, I started climbing big walls, at 15 I began steep skiing and at the age of 17, I started with expeditions to Himalaya. It was a natural progression for me to BASE jump and later become a mountain guide – a job that feeds my soul. I have been to several climbing expeditions to Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Nepal, and India. I love mountains also as a landform so I studied geology, but my work was always more human-related. I worked as a ski instructor, alpine instructor, field avalanche reporter, helicopter operator and as a guide all over the world. Lately, I spend my summers in the Alps and my winters in between Europe and Alaska. I am also an IFMGA instructor for future guides. Mountains are my passion. Winter or summer, climbing, flying through the air or skiing, it doesn’t matter to me if I am guiding or having fun with friends. I simply get spaced out when I am in the mountains. Guiding for me is not a job – it is a state of mind and a lifestyle. I have been lucky enough to create amazing trips all over the globe for the past seven years and I will make sure that your trip will not only be unforgettable but you will also learn some great things you can later use in your future explorations.


Hiking, climbing, skiing –  Europe

I passionately believe the mountains can be our best teacher, reminding us to be humble and grateful for the moments of joy and happiness that we experience when we are amongst them. Born in the heart of the Julian Alps, I grew up with the love for the mountains and nature. Skiing, snowboarding, climbing and later BASE jumping in Slovenian mountains progressed in exploring the hidden jewels all over the world. Being fortunate enough to see different countries and conditions people live in made me more responsible to the surroundings. I worked with several NGOs on different projects and organized different cultural, art and sport events in my local community and around the globe. I also worked as a snowboard instructor, canyoning and rafting guide, and I have also been a part of different sport events and film productions as an athlete as well as a part of the safety management team. For the past seven years, I have been creating skiing and climbing programs for different groups and individuals all over the globe. In the past few years, I have joined my passion end experience in creating trips and expeditions that are unique from the sport as well as intercultural aspect. And I love my job! I will make sure your trip will be simply amazing, and that you get a great taste of different culture and cuisine as well and feel comfortable after your climbing, hiking or skiing adventures.



Tour operations

I’ve been lucky enough to bring together my passion for outdoors and sports and make a living out of it. For the past 15 years, I’ve solemnly focused on making sure we offer the best active holiday packages and that every single detail runs smoothly. I used to compete in ski jumping world cup series where I learned a lot about teamwork and discipline which comes very handy when you are facing the logistics and execution of complex tours. There is nothing like seeing happy guests that leave us with a bag full of great memories. My passion lies in anything freeride, from snowboarding, skiing to mountain biking – wherever I can ride with a flow and let everything go, just focus on the trail in front of me.



Road cycling guide – Slovenia, Italy, France

I have dedicated my life to all types of running and having won some national and world titles in mountain running, I found cycling as a great addition to my ever more challenging training. As a Bachelor of Kinesiology, I have been coaching groups and individuals for 4 years. I have been active in planning and guiding road cycling tours and holidays in most popular and scenic European cycling areas for the last two years. While hard to choose only one, one of the most amazing routes I have ever ridden is on the Gran Canaria. Considering myself a ‘summer kid’, the Canaries are by far my favorite winter destination. I currently live in a small town near Postojna cave, Slovenija (where the Proteus lives). I completely trust my Mathitech – Nataša on the road and Cube on the trails.


Tour leader – Canada

I first sat in a kayak when I was about 5 with no idea that years later kayaking was going to take me on a journey of chasing rivers and adventures all around the world. I have been lucky enough to have been able to work in the outdoor industry as an instructor/guide. The office this job offers is just impossible to beat. I spend the biggest part of the year nesting in a whitewater paradise, British Columbia. BC is a hub for much more than just some of the world’s best whitewater. I love it for the immense possibilities it offers to people seeking active and adventurous lifestyle.


Mountain bike guide – Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

So, this is what happened: I gave up the job I liked for something I love. Do I regret it? Well, how should I put it? I am freeriding every day since. From powder hunting, to catching the breeze in my windsurf sail, but mainly on my bike riding the trails I love most. And for some years now, with the UCI MTB Instructor II. grade license in my pocket, I can combine both, something that I love with something that I like. I would like you to be more self-confident riding over those roots on the trail, so I will teach you how to learn in that berm and I would like to hear your scream of joy when you clear that gap. And I would also love to see a smile on your face at the end of the day. After all, this is what it’s all about, right?

Uros sailing


Sailing Croatia

Sport and adventure was always a big part of my life. Today, my profession  involves sailing and sailmaking. With different teams, I won pretty much all of the important races in the Adriatic and participated in races in different locations all around the world.  On the expedition in 2016, me and team sailed pretty much to the end of the World – 80°N is where ice starts and is impossible to sail further. It would be my pleasure to share my passion with new enthusiasts.



Tour guide Spain

I have enjoyed climbing the Pyrenees since early childhood. Measuring myself against the most beautiful mountains of the Alps as a young boy and crossing the Karakorum as an adult to feel Stendhal’s syndrome when faced with the most savage aspects of nature.

I have jogged through forests and trails and run several marathons. Since the 90’s, I have continually travelled by bike. These bike trips have taken me across the Pyrenees from sea to sea, through French Brittany by its varied routes, going down from the Alps to Rome by old pilgrimage routes and the diverse paths of “The Santiago Way”.


Tour guide – Canada

My family introduced me to hiking in the beautiful Alps when I was still a baby and that is a passion I carry with me on my travels. Walking on the mountain trails through forests, passing lakes, reaching viewpoints from where I get a whole new perspective on the world is invigorating. However, I don’t mind hiking in a desert or maybe in a place surrounded by scenic volcanoes. If there is something interesting and new to discover, I look forward to it!


Sergio Fernández Tolosa

Tour guide Spain 

My profession is a combination of two jobs. I am a journalist and cycling explorer. I have travelled all around the world, to the most remote places, all on my bicycle. One day I dreamed of travelling around the world and visiting the biggest deserts alone, with my bike. I  stood up from the chair, and I did it… with a pair of wheels.

Moonchild Snowboards

Official freeride snowboard gear partner

Moonchild Snowboards is small  brand for handmade, snowboards, splitboards and powdersurfs.  They are all designed and shaped to work best on powder days. Every board has different design and  shape which offers different pleasures on snow. Moonchild Snowboards are “redesigning” your powder experience, when you ride them you feel like surfing the moon. Most of the boards have wooden top sheet, which gives them natural outlook. All boards are handcrafted in a valley of Alps.