Active weekend reTREAT

Summer has officially started, which means we are spending even more time outside, preferably somewhere in nature, someplace, where a cold breeze refreshes our senses… Well, our team across the ocean knows just the best places to do that right. So, let’s jump to Slovenia (even if only virtually) and see what they’ve been up to last weekend!

Slovenia is a small, but very diverse country, known as a little hidden gem among European countries. Covered in the forest, its land spreads from magnificent peaks of the Julian Alps towards the warm Mediterranean Coast. The country boasts with expansive river valleys and clear blue glacial lakes. New York Times rated Slovenia among top places to visit in 2020! Focusing on sustainable travel, Slovenia also became the first country certified as a “green destination”.

Postcard-perfect Bohinj lake is a true Alpine pearl, considered as one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. This place has also won the prestigious European award for the most sustainable development.

View over Lake Bohinj from Vogar mountain. Photo credit: Vida Krt

A sporty lifestyle is part of the Slovene tradition. This tradition is also seen in tourism development, as the country is promoting its pristine nature and solitude to welcome adventurous souls, seeking to get lost in intact nature and old traditions. In 2019, they opened Juliana Trail, a hiking trail that takes hikers in a 167-mile loop around the country’s stunning Julian Alps. Honestly, active travelers are loving the enormous possibilities that the country has to offer!

Who would not be active in a place like this?

Lake Bohinj. Photo credit: Vida Krt.

The other part of our team, including our founder Boštjan, who is back in NYC, is currently starting the project of outdoor summer day camps for kids around NYC and some awesome retreats around NYC! Looking positive, we are super excited that things are finally starting to turn around here as well! After all, every cloud has a silver lining…

Lake Bohinj during sunset. Photo credit: Vida Krt.

Have a great week everyone!

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