Thank you to everyone who gave us your trust, a hand, or a any kind of support in the realization of this Family weekend retreat in the Upstate! We are soo pumped and cannot wait for more weekends like this one! Read what we were up to and get excited for the next one!

Have a look at what our summer in NYC is all about! We are so happy we started with this project in the first place and we cannot be more grateful to each and every one of you for your support and trust! Feeling inspired and motivated for more! Are you interested to know what we have planned next?

We are continuing our series of presenting you our “local community” blogs. This time, we are speaking with a very smiley, always ready for an adventure, badass women, whom we met recently, and are certain we’ll keep forever! Check out the blog and discover who she is!

What defines a great outdoor travel experience? A local, responsible, professional, and personalized touch! In my opinion, that’s what outdoor travel is all about. I think if when it is now the right time to stop for a moment and think about who can provide us that true outdoor experience… Let’s refocus our priorities and start supporting direct local tourism!

We have always wanted to do something together, and I think this is a perfect time, where we can pair different physical and mental forms to achieve wellbeing. Yoga + observation = appreciation.

Finally, I’ve found the right moment and place to share our 3-months long “lockdown” life with you. An insight into how everything happened and what came out of it. Also, I will be sharing the very first interview with a very dear person that I met three months ago!

During the next few weeks, we will show our support to some of our close partners, by interviewing them about their work=passion. We are forever grateful for their good work and positive spirit that keeps us going even further!