While most long-haul travels might be out of the question for most of us this summer, that doesn’t mean NO holiday at all! For those yearning for a weekend getaway filled with active outdoor fun, local food and fresh air, these weekend ideas provide the respite needed to recharge and relax. All of them are reachable within a short distance by train or car.

A sporty lifestyle is part of the Slovene tradition. This tradition is also seen in tourism development, as the country is promoting its pristine nature and solitude to welcome adventurous souls, seeking to get lost in intact nature and old traditions.

Our business has come a long way over the past 14 years! From opening up Label in Slovenia to moving overseas and starting with Bike Hike Tours NYC. We feel so lucky doing what we truly love every day!

And suddenly it feels like we are living in a totally different time and another reality. The COVID-19 crisis came unexpected and caught us unprepared. It shook every aspect of the global economy and even more so, the travel industry. So, what we’ve actually done since the coronavirus started spreading around and impacting our lives and business? For about a month our team was working around the clock for you. First, we’ve been rescheduling trips and in general responding to the new reality. We’ve also been improving and adapting the existing packages, making them even more customer-friendly, focusing on responsible tourism and individual experiences. We’ve really tried to focus on providing unique outdoor experiences and minimizing the negative impacts of tourism. As we are sensitive to new hygienic standards we will include a section of precautionary hygienic measures that can