A quick guide to smart travel

Rules in society have changed overnight and one of our concerns is “how are we going to travel again?” while measures such as staying at homesocial distancing, and extreme precautionary hygiene were introduced into our everyday lives.

As expected, Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on the tourism and travel industry, which we’ve discussed in the previous blog post. So, one of the common questions we are hearing a lot nowadays, is how will the future travel look like? Paradoxically, the tourism sector is based also on having fun while socially interacting with others.

The major tourism organization, UNWTO, continues to work closely with WHO and other agencies in order to provide regular updates to tourism sector leaders regarding the correct management of the outbreak. Consequently, tourism sectors are adapting to the new situation and preparing for future challenges since new measures are constantly applying. Airports are reinstalling some regulations and adjusting them to match the current safety measures. For example, we can expect aircrafts blocking the middle seat in order to provide the acceptable safety distance, and airport crew working with gloves while minimizing the on-flight services.  Hotels are also adapting their service procedures, and many are being redesigned in order to prioritize their guests’ and employees’ health. For example, food service including buffet breakfast might be adjusted into single portions. These are just a few examples of safety measures, and we can expect more of those evolving in the upcoming months.

We started to deal with a completely new reality and have to rethink hospitality in order to make our guests feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. We are aware travelers’ major focus would be the highest hygiene standards, individual, family, or small group packages, where they will feel safe enough to relax –  what traveling and holidays are really all about. 

Our company’s vision has always been small group travel, offering locally crafted outdoor experiences. We partner with local, boutique & certified accommodation provides, and always include private studio/room in the price. Our guides are all certified outdoor sports instructors with deep knowledge of the local area. We’ve, therefore, always focused on responsible travel, which we think will be a priority for future travelers.

At the same time, we also think it is important that each traveler gets familiar with the basic prevention practices individually. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a general list of precautionary travel safety and hygienic measures, that can serve you as guidelines for responsible future travel.


  1. Choose stable brands to travel with, who have deep knowledge of customer support. Reach out to travel agents to help you with any concerns you might have. 
  2. If you can, look for shorter, direct flights (at least in the foreseeable future). Avoid connections and choose flights with the least layovers possible.
  3. While on the airplane, try not to move around during the flight and if possible, book a window seat. Also, use alcohol wipes to clean tray tables, seats, and door handles.
  4. WASH YOUR HANDS and do not touch your face. We know you must hear this constantly, but it is truly the most simple and effective step to prevent catching any virus. If possible, disinfect your hands with alcohol wipes or liquid. Also, do not forget to disinfect your everyday gadgets, such as phones, cards, sunglasses, etc.. Some airports have already approved the safety measure, that each traveler can bring a bottle of hand sanitizer through security at the airport!
  5. Use a mask! Make sure you know how to use it properly and also how to discard it.
  6. Travel with verified transportation. Travel rentals, taxis, etc. should be regularly disinfected, so always check in advance. Avoid using public transportation, or follow the proper precautionary measures.
  7. Choose traveling in small groups! Avoid crowding in larger groups, especially in closed areas.
  8. Bring with you some supplements to boost your immune system and help it build natural protection.
  9. Stay hydrated as your body needs water to keep working on staying healthy.
  10. Double-check that you have the valid travel health insurance with you and that it covers the area where you will be traveling, as well as the activities you will be participating in. If in doubt, ask us for our help.

For further details around that, you can visit the WHO and UNWTO websites, which are, in my opinion, the most reliable and holistic providers of statistics and information around COVID-19. WHO has also posted several videos regarding the required everyday hygienic measures and travel safety measures, which are very simple to understand.

All the packages on our webpage are available to book NOW! Plan your adventure once the lockdown is over. If the current situation prolongs, you can postpone your trip free of charge! #safetravel