Our “local community”

In the end, it’s either sink or swim. The current situation has challenged every one of us to adapt and think outside the box. To stay creative, brave, bold, and positive.

People around us make a huge difference in how we perceive and fight the situation. Remember to surround yourself with kind, open-minded people, who share the same passions as you do, and talk to each other. Sharing feelings, thoughts, and ideas with others in a similar situation, can give us much needed support.

Last week we talked about the support between businesses and customers, as we asked you to support our work in these times by treating yourself or your loved ones with a BHT gift card. We are forever grateful to all of you who donated every dollar! The option is still available in case you missed it!

However, during the next few weeks, we will show our support to some of our close partners and introduce them to you. Some of them are individuals, working in tourism, others own a small tourism-related business in their local community. Their work was hugely affected by the current crisis. So, by interviewing them about their work=passion, we would like to show them our support and gratitude.

Some of them we just met recently, others we’ve known for some years already. But what all of them have in common is that we call them friends. We’ve build up a trustworthy relationship, that stands on mutual gratitude and respect for the work we do. We are eager for you to meet them, so don’t forget to click on the next blog!

All the packages on our webpage are available to book NOW! Plan your adventure once the lockdown is over. If the current situation prolongs, you can postpone your trip free of charge! #safetravel