Our relationship with COVID-19 OR How we are trying to make the most out of it.

And suddenly it feels like we are living in a totally different time and another reality. The COVID-19 crisis came unexpected and caught us unprepared. It shook every aspect of the global economy and even more so, the travel industry.

So, what we’ve actually done since the coronavirus started spreading around and impacting our lives and business? For about a month our team was working around the clock for you. First, we’ve been rescheduling trips and in general responding to the new reality. We’ve also been improving and adapting the existing packages, making them even more customer-friendly, focusing on responsible tourism and individual experiences. We’ve really tried to focus on providing unique outdoor experiences and minimizing the negative impacts of tourism. As we are sensitive to new hygienic standards we will include a section of precautionary hygienic measures that can help travelers stay safe and correctly prepare for future vacations and work on hygiene-friendly activities. 

Part of our team has, just in time, traveled to a planned, week-long business trip to the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. However, as the seriousness of the situation grew exponentially, their one-week trip expanded to two-months-long-escape, where they are now keeping safe and healthy. Luckily, we might say, as this ended up in new business ideas and successful partnerships with El Encuentro Surf Lodge. Therefore, we created fresh, new packages and are already on our website. They will absolutely blow your mind and we cannot wait to take you with us once all this is over! The dates are already available from early August 2020 and you can check the packages HERE! 😉

Ironically, all this would probably not have happened, if it weren’t for the current situation. And finally, we’ve started writing a blog! It’s been on the list since forever, and we’ve finally found the time to do it!

So, as the thoughts and words are just coming out, there is another thing we would like to share with you. I would like to state a few facts & figures that define us. We’ve been in the travel business from 2004 when we first opened a specialized outdoor agency in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We were among the first ones on the market, who saw the potential in adventure travel. Since then, we’ve been operating in Slovenia and this is not the first crisis we’ve experienced. We’ve been through the global financial crisis started in 2008, and we are, like every other travel business, susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and floods, which impact our business one way or another. We are also experiencing climate change since I can remember what forces us to constantly reorganize our operations.

Fortunately, these experiences made us stronger! We’ve fallen, we’ve learned, we got back up and in 2017 we’ve opened another tourist agency in New York, Bike Hike Tours. This new opening goes hand in hand with our founder moving out there, but nevertheless, this would probably not have happened if there haven’t been some hard times in between as well.

Our company vision started to change a bit already prior to the coronavirus. For some time, we’ve been really trying to refocus on local, responsible and unique trips. Since we’ve arrived in NYC, we’ve seen the opportunity in the local area that has extremely unused potential for outdoor activities. Our idea was, therefore, to concentrate on local outdoor daily experiences. We’ve put together trips around NYC and offered daily outdoor recreation experiences. These trips are mostly suitable for New Yorkers or tourists that come here and are interested to try out local sports such as surfing, MTB-ing, hiking, skiing, and outdoor yoga retreats. All the trips will be back once the current situation calms down and it will be safe for everyone. Till then you can have a look and decide which one would you like to try out first from BHT NYC.

In the end, what I would like to finish with, is to stay positive and open-minded. Embrace yourself with inspiring people and never forget to dream for better! We believe tourism will come back different BUT better than ever once all this is gone! #savetourism

All the packages on our webpage are available to book NOW! Plan your adventure once the lockdown is over. If the current situation prolongs, you can postpone your trip free of charge! #safetravel

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