We are back and we are very positive!

After a few months of being in lockdown, the world is slowly starting to turn again. Good news after good news, since countries around the world are experiencing a huge drop in corona infections, therefore, many of them are beginning to reopen its borders and recovering the economy.

The biggest European tourist destinations are regaining hope in summer 2020! Our local European and Canadian partners are getting ready for tourists and we are working together on providing the safest, but yet the most exciting packages for you!

Our sister company is based in Slovenia, so let’s start with this one. Slovenia was the first country in the EU to reopen its borders and to formally call an end to its COVID-19 pandemic. Basic safety measures are still enforced in everyday life and will continue to be in the summer. However, it’s safe to say, the country looks very positive and ready for the summer season 2020! Slovenia is known for its pristine nature and intact, hidden country gems that are spreading all over from the Alps and to the Mediterranean. There are only 2 million people in Slovenia, and this means very little chance you’ll find yourself crowded somewhere. Known for its outdoor lifestyle, it is a perfect choice for adventure seekers looking for a quiet escape to nature.

Next is our “second home”, the village of Les Deux Alpes, located in the French Alps, away from all the hustle and the bustle of big towns. The village follows French government rules and looks very optimistic so far. The resort will begin to reopen during the weekends in June, and then every day in July and August. Restaurants and bars will re-open from June 2nd but with social distancing. The locals just told us that most of the bars and restaurants were already working on their outdoor areas and terraces this past week! Otherwise, the resort will follow the precautionary safety measures like social distancing, limiting the number of people in places, gondolas, disinfecting public areas, and providing a safe space for all outdoor lovers!

The last but not least, Whistler has also done its best to flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resort is optimistic for this summer and is already enjoying the great outdoors! All the tourism and hospitality centers are already accepting reservations while offering a flexible cancellation policy! Respecting all the safety and hygienic measures, the resort is working on promoting and inviting tourists to its safe environment! It looks like our Whistler trip in September will work out!


Our new COVID-19 cancellation policy will help you book with confidence:

“Any reservation booked for the 2020 Summer or 2020/2021 Winter Season can be canceled penalty-free, one week prior to arrival should there be travel restrictions or closures in place during the dates of the stay.”

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