Our business has come a long way over the past 14 years! From opening up Label in Slovenia to moving overseas and starting with Bike Hike Tours NYC. We feel so lucky doing every day what we truly love!

Women MTB trip to Europe

However, we all know times are tough for tourism right now, but when the time comes, we will be the first ones back in the land, snow, or water! So, we’ve got an idea. An idea, where everyone benefits from a genuine support from each other:

Now, we would appreciate your support. Help us help our team, that helps you! Write a review for our Bike Hike Tours NYC! Your feedback is highly valued and important to us for our future work. If you can, purchase a gift certificate for a future plan on taking BHT gift card. You can use the gift card for any BHT trip in the future, and its value DOES NOT EXPIRE! Ever! Plus, with every purchased gift card, we will include a 10 % discount on your selected trip as well!

At the moment, we are improving our existing trips, so you can still travel worry-free, while we take care of your needs and well-being. At the same time, we are brainstorming for new ideas, looking for ways to upgrade your experience, and ultimately, preparing new local adventures.

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Thanks for your help and stay safe! 🤙


Click here to see the exciting list of openings and other events happening in NYC despite the lockdown! We are so excited about that, however, make sure to check with the venue before vising!

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All the packages on our webpage are available to book NOW! Plan your adventure once the lockdown is over. If the current situation prolongs, you can postpone your trip free of charge! #safetravel