Welcome to trips and holidays for the new reality

The keyword during this particular period from the perspective of post quarantine times is creativity. Creativity because we all have to rethink our lives consisting of our everyday routine, socialization, habits, hobbies, traveling, and holidays. That’s not an easy task, but very challenging for us and for most businesses, especially for those operating in the vulnerable sector of the travel industry. The engine has to be restarted!

Our creativity – your safety

Before the Covid-19 era, hospitality was all about being kind, friendly, helpful, experienced, versatile, well-organized, and a good problem solver. Now we are happy to re-dimension a part of our perception of hospitality and expand all those attributes also into safeguarding our guests’  health. We are happy to start ‘virus-conscious’ trips and holidays for families and individuals.

Our creativity is oriented to your well-being and consists of simple measures like focusing more on customized packages, organizing smaller groups of participants, respecting recommended social distancing and the highest hygienic standards, providing clean and sanitized equipment for your sports activities, carefully sanitizing the accommodation facilities and providing all the necessary products and devices at your disposal in order to make you feel safer and totally relaxed during your stay with us. However, we are taking you outdoor and there’s no more hygienic place than a pristine wild nature or a hot beach by the ocean.

We all feel the urge to escape from the cities and crave for that outdoor freedom we have been missing during the past couple of months. The above-mentioned creativity during these confusing times is our social responsibility in order to provide safe trips for our guests’ and your well-being. 

All the packages on our webpage are available to book NOW! Plan your adventure once the lockdown is over. If the current situation prolongs, you can postpone your trip free of charge! #safetravel

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