What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is business-related travel designed to motivate and encourage employees to be more successful and reach the company’s goals with stronger devotion. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry today. Would you like to know why?

Incentive business travel works as a powerful motivational tool within organizations. Also, it is scientifically proven that more caring company leaders attract and retain the best talent and consequently tend to be at optimal workplace performance.

Do you want to be one of them? You are on the right path.

At Bike Hike Tours, we’ve designed truly unique and remarkable incentive holidays for your employees, where work will be constantly rewarded with pleasure and fun. In the end, what matters most to people is how they feel their employer values them, after a hard day at work.

Now, let us help you with that!

“We tried the incentive holidays for the first time in our company. After this experience, it was for sure not our last one!;) See you again Bike Hike team!” 

“Simply beautiful! Everything was as promised and even more! A prefect combination of work and leisure time. Thank you again!”

How does it work?

We take care of everything!

  • 100% 24/7 assistance
  • personal or group guides
  • complete transportation services for individuals or groups
  • organization of the best accommodation
  • providing other work-related facilities (ex. conference rooms, halls etc.)
  • handling all ground logistics
  • complete responsibility for activities

Is there anything more?

  • dynamic & proactive after work programs guaranteed!

What differs us from the others is exactly that focus on free time activities for employees that will help create the most memorable experiences. It can be a simple bike ride through the mountains, followed by a taste of local cuisine, or an evening with a luxurious gala party. These activities will further motivate your employees and improve the overall performance of your company.

“The best incentive holidays so far! Our small team had the most amazing time getting to know each other better while biking together in the nature and experiencing some of the best local cuisine. That wine was incredible!!:) In general, this trip created some new friendships and memorable moments! Thank you BHT!”

“Great biking experience through Spain! Active, fun and unique type of incentive vacation! The one that still brings smiles on our faces, when sitting in the office on a rainy day:)! Keep up the good work Bike hike tours!”

Why choose Bike Hike Tours?

We are truly passionate about our work and want to share it with you!

  • Value of quality and uniqueness.
  • Devotion to serving excellence.
  • Our truly dedicated team of workers is focused on organizing authentic proactive packages, that will satisfy every taste and result in higher performance and motivation for your team.
  • A unique approach to different clients in order to make sure their trip is customized to meet their needs.
  • More than 10 years of long expertise and experience in this area are the guarantees for professionalism, safety, and high quality.
  • During these years we have established great relationships with our suppliers and clients.

“Really passionate and dedicated tour operator! We feel lucky, we decided to go on our incentive holidays with Bike hike tours! The holidays were top quality and the whole experience positively affected our team spirit in the company!”

women's mountain bike tour

“Great value for money! We had a privilege to experience some of the top quality cuisine, see some of the most amazing natural attractions and managed to challenge ourselves while pedaling up those hills.;) The whole team was enjoying every moment of it!”

Types of packages?

We offer a great option for different tour packages, which can be further adjusted and customized to your needs. Our team of experts comes up with the perfect package combination, based on your budget constraints and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

At the top of the page, you can click on ‘tours’ and look more in details a number of different possibilities and let your mind wander away.

Let us help you write your own travel story and share it with people you care about!

“They know what they are doing! Bike hike tours creates an amazing travelling experience, bonds with the team as a group and adjusts to their needs. The whole trip could not be better!”

“A very good choice! We were more than satisfied with our decision to go on travel holidays with Bike hike tours team! Everything went smoothly. The guide was absolutely amazing, he was fun and professional at the same time. We followed the proposed travel schedule perfectly, but at the same time, he adjusted it to our current wishes and needs. Top organization and service! We had the best time during our ‘work’ holidays and will definitely return back!”