Our “local community” n.2

Here is another one in our series of getting to know our “local community” blogs. As said in one of our earlier blog posts, we promised to present you some of our closest partners, or individuals, with whom we’ve either already created some amazing stories in the past, or with whom we are looking to create some inspiring adventures in future. And this one belongs to the second group.

She came into our BHT community more recently, when we started looking for possible partnerships around NYC. Her lifestyle and personality, are a perfect fit for our community. Let us know what you think by reading the interview below..:)

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, where you come from, and what do you do for a living.

My name is Dominique but everyone calls me Nico. I grew up in Sparta, NJ and after graduating from Rowan University I moved to Brooklyn. Last April I was hired by CLIF Bar as a Northeast Marketing Manager and I could not be happier to work for such an amazing company. Being a remote employee also gave me the opportunity to leave the city. I now live in Warwick NY with my fiancé.

  • If you have to pick 3 adjectives that best describe you as a person?

Hmmm…this is always so hard! I’d probably have to say smiley, (sometimes) I can be quite indecisive, and funny.

  • Where is your favorite place to do sports? Is it a place/motif?

My favorite place to be is the beach. Any ocean beach will do. While I also love lakes, I definitely prefer the saltwater and waves.

  • How do you pick your destinations for holidays?

I pick my destinations for vacation based on activity. For me, vacation has always been more adventure focused rather than relaxation focused (sitting still is hard!). Some travel examples: I went to Rincon PR to do my open water scuba diving test, visited Whistled to downhill mountain bike, and went to Nosara CR and Tofino to surf.

  • What has a surf, yoga, snowboard, mtb done for your life?

That is a loaded question! I feel like it really shaped me as a person in so many different ways. The movement has always been an outlet for me – even if it’s just starting my day with a walk or a jog it puts me in higher spirits. Surfing, yoga, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. have connected me with so many people in honest and humble ways. They really change the switch and it becomes a way of life rather than something you just like to do.

  • How do you keep active in your life? Is being a sporty part of your lifestyle?

YES! Trying to be active is not something I have to put a lot of thought into because it seems to be in my DNA. I love feeling strong and accomplished and it’s so easy to get that feeling after even just a short workout or a run. I also think that in the back of my mind, I know the healthier I am and the more active I stay, the longer I can be part of the sports I really love. I want to be the grandma in her 80’s out on the slopes!

  • What is your favorite sport?

I feel like anytime I am “in the moment” with a sport, it’s my favorite sport. I’m pretty seasonal in that winter is for snowboarding and summer is for surfing. The fall is when I’m mountain biking and skating more and in the spring I’m trying to do whatever I can when it’s not raining.

  • How important is manifesting, putting things out there, and making things happen for yourself?

I think this is very real and very important. I do believe that we attract the energy we put out there and if we take risks (that can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable) we can make connections. I have hosted two Yoga Surf Skate Getaways and both of them had me out of my comfort zone, but that’s where growth takes place.

  • What are some items or gadgets you never travel without?

Is an iPhone still considered a gadget? Haha – I need a GPS with me all the time as I lack directional skills. Other than that, I’d say only when I am on a solo run in the woods – I always bring a pocket knife and pepper spray.

  • What was the main reason you decided to cooperate with BHT?

I love that BHT is based out of NYC. While I was living in the city it was a major adjustment from my outdoorsy life in NJ. I was always looking for outlets and ways to stay in tune with the outdoors. If I had known about BHT then, I probably would have been on so many trips!

  • What aspects of BHT business resonate the most within your own business?

For many of our consumers, CLIF Bar represents so much more than an energy bar. It’s about the lifestyle you live – getting outside, creating adventure, and staying active. Pairing CLIF Bar with BHT is a symbiotic partnership and that is so important when looking for businesses and brands to partner with – symbiosis. BHT members need fuel. CLIF Bar is there at the perfect time to provide the needed energy and become part of an experience that fits our brand’s DNA.

CLIF bar is also supporting us during all our outdoor trips around NYC. Keeping you active and healthy!

We’ve been super happy using those energy bars and grateful for their overall support during our exclusive Summer outdoor kids camp in NYC, that has been going on for the past 6 weeks in NYC!