In pursuit of the great outdoors. Our tips to prepare for an active holiday!

Do you love the outdoors as much as we do? In recent years, an active lifestyle became a norm, and began selling like hotcakes! The sports industry bolstered its commercial appeal in order to broaden its reach. That brings us further to the outdoor travel industry. Today, adventure tourism is one of the fastest-growing global niches. Active holidays became much more popular than the old-fashioned “laying-on-the-beach” kind of holidays. According to the recent study done by Trip advisor on the recovery of the tourism industry after Covid-19, more than 66 % of people are already planning their next trip, which will probably involve an outdoor activity in the short distance, as people want to travel and stay safe at the same time.

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However, outdoor activities can vary greatly on the level of risk. They can involve a simple sports activity such as walking in the forest, to extreme outdoor activity, such as downhill mountain biking. No matter what kind of sports activities you choose, it is always good to know what you are doing and thus, limit the number of injuries that could occur, while finally, having a good time!

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Please note that our adventure trips and holidays are always led by professional guides with lots of experience, who can, therefore, give tips and suggestions on spot, so that your outdoor adventures run smoothly. This way, the whole experience is safer, easier, and hopefully more fun! Despite that, we always say it is mandatory to also prepare on your own prior to your adventures. In order for you to get the best outdoor experience during your adventure holiday with us, we set up a few tips and tricks that can help you prepare for it. 

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  1. First, know your limits and choose your sports accordingly. Before popping up at a demanding outdoor expedition, you have to know what to expect and be physically fit and mentally prepared for it. Choose a sport that you feel comfortable with and not the one that is the dopest at the moment! Remember that mental preparation, such as optimistic attitude, realistic goals, and positive self-motivation, will help you keep safe during the activity! So, always do your research, learn the basics of sports that you would like to include in your holidays, and plan your itinerary the right way!
  2. Get physically fit! This includes fitness and training prior to your adventure holiday. Of course, there are some activities, that you can start doing without any prior experience. However, most adventure sports require some sort of preparation. Inadequate preparation or overdoing an activity can both lead to injuries! So, if you are new to this business, get professional guidance to get you charged! Regular exercise helps your body stay in good condition and ready for those outdoor activities! Focus on increasing your body’s capacity to maximize oxygen intake, workout on flexibility, and build strength. The level of exercise depends on your plans and current fitness level, however, more you will prepare your body, better it will endure the physical activity. Remember, even 15 mins of daily exercise can highly improve your average fitness level! Do not forget to stretch after your practice. You will thank us later..
  3. Good self-care and healthy lifestyle prior to the activity is also on our list. This includes getting enough sleep (at least) the week leading up to your active holiday, reducing consumption of fatty foods, excessive alcohol and caffeine, and quitting tobacco products. You can thank us later #2…
  4. Remember to be adequately hydrated! During an exercise, water is crucial! Not enough hydration can lead to several injuries and bad overall experience. While practicing outdoor activities it is best to use a water bladder, so you can refill it anytime, while you also reduce the use of plastic bottles. Win-win!
  5. Invest in the right gear. Picking the right equipment for your active holiday will help you feel well-prepared, comfortable, self-confident, and finally, get you shredding! Better sports equipment is also essential for your safety, especially if you are more into technical outdoor adventures. That being the case, do not forget to use protective clothing and equipment! In general, some of the most important pieces to consider spending a bit more money on, are the shoes. The overall rule is, they should fit properly and give the right support. Also, remember to wear them out before heading off to your adventure! You will thank us later #3…
  6. Finally, do not forget some essentials to pack in your bag pack. The key is to pack light! Some of the absolute must-haves you always have to bring with you are a first-aid kit, a sunscreen, spear parts (if sports require them), some snacks, and a water bladder. It is always good to pack another layer in case the weather suddenly changes.
  7. And the most important tip that we would like to give you is to have a totally gnarly time! Outdoor sports should be something where you can refill your batteries and relax! So, by following those tips, we can guarantee you extreme fun during your active holidays!

Pro-bono tip: The after adventure plan is also very important. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to take time to rest! Recovery should be planned and carefully thought of as well!

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