Post Weekend Retreat recap

Our first Unplugged Family Weekend Camp Upstate is behind us! First and most important, we are very grateful that we were able to organize something like this in these difficult times. Further back, I am thankful that we found our home here in Brooklyn, NY, and that we decided to sign my daughter to Pache Montessori school here in Cobble Hill a few years ago. That consequently allowed us to meet some very dear and inspirational people and build a very close relationship with the other parents here at school. Throughout our shared interests, we were able to build strong parents community trust and therefore start organizing supervised outdoor activities for our kids and finally us – parents, too! So, this retreat was only the first of many more to come, we are sure!

And what a blast it’s been! This first-weekend getaway was only organized for families whose children have already been meeting every day during our Outdoor Summer Camp for the local kids. That way, we tried to minimize the social interactions with broader groups and at the same time find an excuse to get to know each other better and experience some of the fun our kids had during the summer! So, in total, there were 6 families that joined us for a weekend in the Upstate NY.

The main focus during this weekend retreat near Hudson NY was the outdoors, spending active family time outside in nature, while practicing new outdoor sports, fun games, and getting to know each other. Our accommodation for the weekend was a beautiful Vanderbilt lakeside guesthouse.

We are soo happy and grateful that we found a way to reserve this beautiful, lakeside villa only with an amazing outdoor area for our retreat group. This allowed each family to have its own private room with bathroom, but at the same time, provided much needed common space for meals and outdoor activities. As we wanted to further minimize the unnecessary social interactions, we decided to rent the whole villa, and also without any staff. So, every day, we prepared meals ourselves, based on our wishes and time management. Of course, we focused on healthy nutritious foods that kept us ready for new adventures, however, we also treated ourselves to an easy pizza delivery night and an amazing BBQ evening on our spacious terrace with a view over the lake.

Our plan for the weekend was to stay outside and mindfully forget all about our jobs and tasks that occupy us during the week. We were lucky that the weather was also on our side, so we managed to do all the activities we had planned. Learning how to ride MTB on the trails in the nearby forest, hiking around the area and visiting the waterfalls, practicing sunset yoga with James, slacklining, and skating really made up the weekend! On the other side, kids enjoyed the daily activities that they’ve already started with during the summer camp, such as skating, MTB, slacklining, art, and music classes. Being located so close to the lake, we also provided some double kayaks and canoes. On the last day, we organized the Olympic games of unusual sports for adults, which also included a kayak competition over the lake. It was great fun for everyone!

All in all, it was a great active weekend spent outdoors with our family and close friends. It was really nice seeing everyone enjoying the perks of this beautiful lake house, the peaceful countryside, and nature. The vibe was so contagious, in a positive sense, that we are really looking forward to more weekends like this!

In the meantime, you can check out our Afterschool outdoor program that we have been organizing for kids. We are continuing to spend time outdoors and emphasize the importance of an active lifestyle for kids. At the same time, they also benefit from some safe social interaction with their peers while also learning a new outdoor sport on the way.

With that in mind, we would also like to let you know, that we are already in the process of finding a spacious warehouse in the nearby area where we can install some of the sports objects, that we can use during the wintertime. But don’t worry, we are planning to keep our focus on the outdoors, as finally, is there anything better than putting on snow boots, packing up a head torch, and heading out to the Prospect Park for some fun, snowshoeing activity!? Or going skiing under the spotlights, after school?

Finally, we would also like to thank our sponsors, Clif bar and GoGo, for providing us with some healthy snacks during our outdoor retreat and for their constant support during our crazy adventures! Thank you, guys!