Bring a new snow adventure to your ski destination!

We are offering exquisite guided snowbike packages for your resort!

We just love snow. And snowbikes make winter sport fun and easy for everyone. Basically, if you can ride a balance bike, you can snowbike! This is an excellent activity, which provides the right adventure-filled fun for everyone who enjoys the snow! Snowbiking is suitable for everyone who would like to try out something new. Therefore, there is no physical precondition or sport knowledge as a prerequisite to be able to do this activity. It is a type of biking which is safe, fun and appropriate for all age groups, from kids to elderly.

Do it right, from the start! As a European company from the Alps, we possess a long tradition of snowbiking. We have been organizing snowbike tours all around Slovenia, Italy, and Austria for more than 10 years! Therefore, our deep knowledge and trustful guides are insurance for your 100% safe fun!

Why the East Coast?

When outdoor enthusiasts like us, later on, moved to NYC, we saw a lack of this activity on the resorts around the East Coast. Seeing such huge potential with ski resorts around here, due to a mass population that visits them, we got the idea right there. There is simply no other activity on the market which provides so much fun for such a diverse range of population!

Snowbiking is the easiest way to enjoy the full mountain experience. Snowbikes are provided with the full suspension technology and have light aluminum frames, which ensure a comfortable ride on snow, regardless of conditions. Whether you have never skied or now have physical limitations; snowbiking is for you! Also, our professional guides are always there for your help and guidance!


Our main idea is to offer guided snowbike tours on your resort. We provide the necessary equipment and additional training for guides. On the other side, you acquire storage for the snowbikes and make a good marketing plan.

The guided snowbike tour would consist of: 15 min Magic carpet and 1,5 h split between beginner and intermediate slopes depending on the group ability. The maximum number of people in a group is 12. These packages can be performed several times per day, as agreed in advance.

NOTE: we only deliver our snowbikes to your resort, if you fell 100 % sure about offering this activity in the upcoming winter 2019/2020. We chose you as our prime option, however, in the absence of interest from your side, we will continue looking for another resort on the East Coast.

Worried about storage?

OK, if you are keen about the idea, but worried about storage, read further. Do not worry! Snowbikes can be easily dismantled to occupy as little space as possible. And they can be constructed again in no time! Even better, snowbikes could also be displayed somewhere public, to grab people’s attention. So, if you are still concerned about the storage, check the video below:


Snowbiking has so much to offer! First, you would attract a new segment of winter tourists, who might have avoided ski resorts till now. Snowbiking welcomes everyone: experts & beginners, young & elderly, athletic & relaxed, there is enough fun for everyone! Second, your resort would be among those cool ones, offering a new discipline in the season 2019/2020 which caters a wide range of the population. This means you would have a new highly popular activity at your resort, which proves to be a big selling hit on all of the best resorts around the globe! Third, we agree on a good % commission from the sales, which brings you a new source of income. All in all, an extra profit for you, with small real extra costs!