We are here for YOUR safe travel!

It looks like there might be a silver lining after all. We are very happy to announce that we’ve personally noticed that the tourism industry is starting to regain itself. As travelers seek safety amid social distancing, the travel industry is adapting. Slowly, but proactively. And that is our motto for the future too.

Slowly, as we should not rush into old habits, that did obviously not work, but rather stop and think about what is really important. We wrote it before, and we will write it again. Our creativity – your safety. We are proud to say that we’ve been thinking a lot about innovative ways to adapt to this new reality and expand all those safety attributes also into safeguarding our guests’ health. We are happy to start ‘virus-conscious’ trips and holidays for families and individuals.

Proactively, as we should not wait for things to turn back to “normal” but rather change what is there to change. Our creativity is directed to your well-being and consists of simple measures like focusing on private, customized packages with smaller group departures, remote lodgings around the local area, respecting recommended social distancing, and the highest hygienic standards, and overall working in terms of responsible tourism.

We are staying committed to the true nature of our trips, which is oriented towards nature and outdoor sports. Luckily, there’s no more hygienic place than a pristine wild nature or a hot beach by the ocean!

So, as most of us would rather avoid long-haul travels this summer, we’ve focused on local travel and started organizing weekend outdoor retreats in our local area. Nevertheless, it is still very important and very much advised to stay active and take care of ourselves. So, we’ve put together an amazing bunch of outdoor getaways for active travelers like yourself, that will offer you the respite needed to recharge and relax.

As previously said, all the tours scheduled after June 30, are currently operating normally, but under special health & safety supervision. Our team is constantly monitoring the situation and adjusting our policies to meet national and international travel requirements. This also helps us stay creative and proactive while respecting the restrictions and measurements set by the government. 

We would again like to thank all of you, who showed your support during these difficult times. We would not be where we are now if it weren’t for you and your strong trust in what we are doing. We feel so grateful to see that our work makes a difference to each of our travelers and helps then regain trust in travel as well!

Stay healthy, safe, and positive! And don’t forget to stay local!