How can I improve my skiing from NYC?

A day ski course to Upstate NYC ski resort.
4 hours
East Coast ski resorts

MTB for newbies in NYC

Discover your love for mountain biking in New York City!
per person
2 hours
All year round
Cunningham Park, New York

Surf at NYC exclusive beaches

A day trip surfing around NYC exclusive beaches!
per person
7 hours
All year long
NYC: Conney Island, Long Island, Rockaway Beach, Long Beach

Ski & surf experience around NYC

A day trip skiing and surfing around NYC!
per person
11 hours
All year long
Upstate resort in NYC/NJ and Long Island

Bike & surf experience in NYC

A day trip (Cunningham Park) biking and (Rockaway beach) surfing in NYC!
per person
8 hours
All year long
NYC: Cunningham Park and Long Island