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Continuing our successful series of outdoor kids camps also when the school starts!

Our summer kids camp idea proved to be a real blast for kids, parents, and us! Daily outdoor activities have sooo many positive effects, which we’ve already started seeing with kids! Improved physical & mental state, huge progress in activity levels, better overall well being, and more naturally attuned sleep rhythms are just some of them. We suggest, let’s continue what we are doing, as we are certainly doing it right!

We are aware that outdoor activities with kids demand some free time and a lot of will, which is especially hard to find during the school year. So, we decided to take care of that and help you by offering after school activities for your little ones! That way, kids can combine individual morning school hours with fun afternoon outdoor activities, which will improve concentration, de-stress, and enhance opportunities to socialize.

Our after school program is very similar to our summer kids camp, meaning we emphasize the outdoors, nature, and sports. Individual outdoor activities like swim and surf instructions, bike-riding lessons, skating, educational play games, and inventive outdoor photography or music crafts will constitute the daily after school schedule.

In light of the current climate that continues to be present in our lives, we want to offer families that are staying in the city and probably have one or two working parents, a way to send their kids to outdoor activities in the afternoon, so that they can be active, but at the same time keep the families safe. We will continue to have a group of individual professionals that will make sure the activities are a blast while also adhering to the safety and precautions standards to keep us all healthy.

Program details

Date Availability

You can opt to join our afterschool outdoor activities program in NYC starting with the 3rd week of September. These outdoor activities will run all the way through the month of November.

Age & Group Size

After school outdoor activities program in NYC is suitable for preschoolers aged 4 to 6 and kids aged 6+ to 9 years.

For each separate week, we are aiming to combine two separate groups depending on the age. There is a min 3 and max 5 preschoolers per week and a min 3 and max 5 older kids during the same week with a 5/1 of children/caregiver ratio.


The location will change daily, as we move from the ocean and the beach, into the forest and meadows. We will discuss the exact pick-up location in NYC after the booking (we can adjust pick up location to individuals).

We will communicate the exact locations of an individual activity a week in advance. Activity spots will be chosen in adherence to the state recommendations.


Below is a sample week that will be adjusted based on weather conditions, kids’ age, and the ability to spend time outside.

  • Skate park / Skateboards and pads will be provided, children just need to bring their own helmets.

  • Mountain Bike supported by Clif bar / Bikes provided upon request
  • Kids art camp

  • Nature survival skills

  • Surfing & beach games / All equipment provided

  • Music class

  • Balance Slackline and more…

Sample week schedule

Day  Activity Hours
Monday Mountain bike 2 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday Skate park & Slackline 2 pm – 6 pm
Wednesday Adventure survival & Photo 2 pm – 6 pm
Thursday Quick Surf & Beach games 2 pm – 6 pm
Friday Slackline & Music class 2 pm – 6 pm

Kids Camp Checklist

Kids checklist


Daily commutes are organized in air-conditioned private transportation, stocked with endless versions of kids’ favorite songs, will be carrying up to 8 kids per vehicle. We’ve decided that in an effort to try to maximize the limited time we have with the kids in an after school program that we should have one designated pick up/drop off location. The length of the drive depends on the daily location, however, we will be planning for a max 1h ride one way. The comfortable ride home is a great time for kids to nap as well.


There is an option to book daily activities or week-long activities outdoor camp.

(Camp from 2 pm to 6 pm)

  • 1 day: $140 per child*
  • 10 days (non-consecutive): $1100 per child
  • 1 week: $570 per child 

**Sibling Discount: 

  • 2nd Child 15%
  • 3rd Child 20%

Signup today 

To secure your spot in the program, please fill out THE FORM. You will receive a booking confirmation when we have received the form as well as the payment via one of the options listed below.

Each participant must agree to our terms and conditions in their entirety in order to participate in any Bike Hike Tours Inc. trip, camp, activity, or holiday.

NOTE: We advise families with members from sensitive health groups (including diabetes, asthma, etc.) NOT to join the activities due to precautionary reasons.

For more information feel free to send an email to bostjan@bikehiketours.com or text: +1 (917) 436 5175. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and figure out the best set up for your child.

This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.

The program is supported by:

Attendance in outdoor activities in early childhood has been proven to have lasting positive effects on the psychological development of the child. Promoting important life values while playing outside with peers can facilitate a child to learn the basics of good behavior. On top of that, physical activity in nature has been associated with decreased rates of depression, attention disorders, and obesity. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, our job, as camp organizers, is to carefully think of the necessary measures in order to create a safe interactive space, where children can play with each other while minimizing the likelihood of the spread of the virus. With that in mind, we are constantly following all required local and state health department policies and requirements regarding communication and prevention of the outbreak at a camp. Read the full pediatricians guidance for camp attendance  HERE
Each child that will join our activities program will receive a BHT water bottle and a washable mask by us. Masks are made in child sizes and from soft material. Teachers and guides will encourage kids to wear masks and practice other safety and hygiene practices (keeping distance and washing hands) at all times.
All locations will be carefully chosen based on criteria to keep our children safe and to be able to practice social distancing. All outdoor locations allow us to keep a safe distance from any other people there, we will go to parks and beaches that are less popular and crowded, while indoor spaces will always be separated and reserved for our group only. We will be encouraging and teaching children why it is important to keep a distance from others. All the indoor locations that we work with are required to keep their facilities clean according to the CDC recommendations.

The group will be small, max 10 children. Staff is required to check their temperature daily and stay home if showing any symptoms while we require the same for children.

The activities will take place in any weather conditions. In case of rain, we have a flexible schedule to switch locations and activities for those taking place indoors or in covered facilities where rain is not a problem.
The staff will be making sure that kids wear masks during transportation and wash their hands regularly. Snacks and lunches will be monitored to prevent food sharing while provided snacks will be individually packaged to ensure safety.

Despite the fact that activities do not necessarily require tight physical contact, we cannot guarantee that there will be zero contact. However, staff will be intervening to ensure children are practicing sports activities safely and correctly. If your child or anyone in your close family household is in the high-risk group we do not recommend your child to participate in the camp to avoid any unnecessary risk.

Don’t worry if your child is not a “sporty” type! Our after school program is suitable for all skill levels, as all the activities are taught by certified and experienced safety instructors, who know how to work with a group of active little schoolers. No previous swim/surf/bike/skate/climbing experience is needed.
A proper meal is not included in the price, but snacks and water are. Just pack your child something, as you would sending them to school.
While offering safe, fun, and active daily adventures into the great outdoors, we suggest bringing comfortable and protective sports clothes and a backpack with a snack, disinfectant, hat, and sunscreen.
Yes, we offer flexible schedules and you can sign up for individual days, but with a minimum purchase of 3 days (nonconsecutive). 

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