7 days
Dalmatia, Europe, Croatia

A special offer for your summer MTB tour: discovering the Dalmatian coast with the surrounding islands, visiting a National park Krka and some small fishing villages on the way. A tour around Dalmatia in only 7 days!

Highlights of the tour

Seven days and five different locations. This way, you will be able to better experience the diversity and natural beauties that Croatia and Dalmatia have to offer. Also, there is lunch or dinner at the rural households in Dalmatia included every day after the ride. Plus, it is all the traditional Croatian food and wines!

You will be located in a small fishing town of Rogoznica in the central Dalmatia. The town is just 2h drive away from every route we will make. Our apartment is situated in the center of Rogoznica and is on the top floor. It also has its own terrace for you to use after a day of riding. Brand new and equipped with all the commodities, it will serve you at best!

DEPARTURE TIME as per request
RETURN TIME as per request
GROUP SIZE 4 persons
company of an experienced MTB guide during the trip
transfers from and to Split Airport
6 nights in the 3 * apartment in Rogoznica
5 days of guided riding
ferry boat tickets, tickets to national parks and parks of nature and TAXI boat tickets are all included in the final price
5 organized meals in one of the rural households, every day after the ride
everyday transfer from Rogoznica to the place where the ride begins
airfare (we can help you purchase the best ticket possible)
travel and activity insurance
breakfast and dinner
alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
bike rental (Guests can rent bikes with previous arrangement.)
other cycling and personal safety equipment
tips are optional and not included in the price

Day 1 – Arrival to location, introduction and bike preparation

Day one is reserved for our gathering, introduction of the guides, and preparation of the bikes for the tour. At the start, in order to introduce you to our beautiful place, we will take you on a ride around the Rogoznica coves. After the ride, while having a coffee in a local bar, we will inform you about the tours you are about to take. At the end of the day, we will head back to your accommodation, which will be your home during this week’s bike tour.


Day 2 – Island Žirje

The second day of our tour starts from Šibenik harbor port where we will embark our bikes on the ferry and enjoy the beauty of the Dalmatian coast. The island of Žirje is very indented, with numerous bays and a lot of islets and reefs. We will visit the remaining of a late-Hellenic fort that was erected here in the 6th century, whose remnants are visible at Gradina above the bay of Velika Stupica. Žirje had also a key role during the Homeland war in the defense of the town of Šibenik from the aggressor and as a reminder on those times, there are numerous military barracks that we will also visit during our tour around the island.


  • Distance – 18,5 miles
  • Duration – 3 hours (stops included)
  • Ascent – 1650 ft
  • Technical difficulty (from 1 to 5) – 2

Day 3 – National park Krka

To start a day 3 of your stay in Croatia, we plan to visit Krka National Park. “Krka” National Park is known by its great number of lakes and waterfalls. The tour starts at the beautiful town of Skradin, where Krka finishes its flow, and merges with the Adriatic Sea. From there we will visit Skradinski buk, one of the greatest European limestone waterfall sights. Next, we will visit the island Visovac. The island houses a Catholic monastery dating from the 15th century. In the monastery compound, there is also a fully preserved church from the 17th century. An unavoidable part of the visit is the Roški slap waterfall, one of the most known Croatian nature beauties. In the surrounding area, you will find many guesthouses and taverns. In order to fully taste the real flavors and smells of this area, it would be best to taste ‘Miljevački pršut’ (smoked ham), and wine from a wooden cup ‘bukara’. After the ride we will stay in a nearby guesthouse, to fully enjoy the specialties of this beautiful part of Dalmatian backcountry.


  • Distance – 37 miles
  • Duration – 5 hours (stops included)
  • Ascent – 3000 ft
  • Technical difficulty (from 1 to 5) – 2

Day 4 – Island Šolta

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 8 ferry connections a day during the season between them, has become practically its suburb. We will visit many bays on the southern side of the island and take a swim in turquoise oases while enjoying the view, nature, beauty, and peace of its beaches, perfect spots to relax and get some rest. The trails will lead us to the sea, alongside olive groves, and through the pine woods. An idyllic Mediterranean landscape of the island of Šolta and an unforgettable view from any point will help us relax after a ride and make your experience complete. We will visit many places on the island, take a break and visit some of the village churches. After the ride, we will head to one of the family farms to enjoy our well deserved and delicious Mediterranean food.


  • Distance – 37 miles
  • Duration – 6 hours (stops included)
  • Ascent – 3600 ft
  • Technical difficulty (from 1 to 5) – 2

Day 5 –Dalmatian hinterland

Surrounded by Dinara and Svilaja mountains, along with the fertile ground and the lake Peručko lies a small town with very rich history – Vrlika. Natural beauties surround this town, which has its doors wide open to active tourism especially mountain biking with lots of interesting trails surrounding the town. We will visit one of the biggest and most beautiful of 160 Cetina river springheads, Church of St. Savior built in 9th century, fortress Prozor and historical center of Vrlika. After our tour, we will have a meal in one of the many rural households with authentic Mediterranean food.


  • Distance – 25 miles
  • Duration – 3 hours (stops included)
  • Ascent – 1900 ft
  • Technical difficulty (from 1 to 5) – 2

Day 6 – Cape Planka and Rogoznica surrounding

After a demanding previous day we will continue our tour with an easy ride in the Rogoznica surroundings. While visiting the Rogoznica backcountry, we will experience the ideal view of Rogoznica landscape and beautiful Dalmatian coastline. We will ride past the numerous olive groves and vineyards riddled with dirt roads ideal for mountain biking. To conclude the day, we will visit Planka Cape, which is the most outstretched part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The largest waves of the Adriatic Sea crash there, but the sea is as calm as you could possibly imagine. The whole scenery creates a stunning natural spectacle, which no one should miss. We will also visit the Church of St. John, which was built in 1324. And you will find some of the interesting legends about the church. For our return to Rogoznica, we will use TAXI boat to experience another view of Rogoznica. After that, we will head to the rural household for cold beers and delicious Dalmatian specialties.


  • Distance – 25 miles
  • Duration – 3 hours (stops included)
  • Ascent – 2100 ft
  • Technical difficulty (from 1 to 5) – 1

Day 7 – Departure

On the last day of your pleasant stay in Rogoznica, we will meet in our headquarters where we will say our farewells after an unforgettable MTB adventure in the Dalmatia.

We are passionate adventure travelers ourselves. We have spent our lives in search for the ultimate outdoor experiences. You will gain skills in outdoor activities and meet like-minded individuals to share wonderful adventures. Passion and full dedication to details for each itinerary as well as an excellent relationship with our suppliers in Slovenia have built up the Bikehiketours brand.
Your adventure guides are local and experienced professionals who have a real passion for outdoor activities and for the culture and landscape.
Your safety is their number one priority, closely followed by your enjoyment of the tour. They will always be on-hand to answer any questions or requests you may have throughout your trip. We choose our guides for their expertise in outdoor activities. They are experts in their fields.
We only run small group adventures to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible and not get lost in the crowd. There will generally be between seven and 14 people in each group. The minimum number of people we require to run our tours is four.
Our tour caters for a wide age range, typically between 30 and 60 years old, but age is simply a state of mind, as they say, and we welcome anyone over the age of 18! 
Tours are designed at your own pace and you will enjoy no matter what your age.

Each evening your guides will chat with you about the following day’s activities and give you an idea of the sorts of trails you can look forward to. If there’s anything you feel anxious about, your guides will be happy to discuss it with you.
We recommend following a general training in the weeks leading up to your trip.
Your guide will be very happy to give you some bike skills training during your trip to help improve your confidence and your enjoyment of your bike adventure. 

As fellow sports enthusiasts, we understand the comfort you may find in riding with your own gear. Due to things can get a bit challenging when it comes to traveling please consult our booking manager prior to departure.

Q. Will I have to carry my own luggage?
You will never have to worry about your bags on tour. You only need to carry a daypack with you whilst riding. We have a support vehicle and driver who will transfer your luggage to your next accommodation each day, and have it ready and waiting for your arrival.
On your holiday you will be staying in a range of comfortable, welcoming local accommodations, including traditional guest houses, small hotels, and a boutique hotel. For details please consult with your booking manager.
Traveling light is the key. Although the daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary in the mountains, so you must make sure that you have plenty of layers of breathable clothing to ensure that you are always warm enough and can remove a layer if you get too hot. 
You should also bring cycling shorts/trousers, gloves, padded undershorts, waterproof jacket, flip-flops, specific shoes for cycling.
Where the meals are included in Bikehiketours itineraries they are in a group setting. 
Your Bikehiketours guide will also be with you during these scheduled meals. 
During the meals that are not included in the itinerary, you are free to choose where you would like to dine. Your guide will advise you the best places to dine for these meals. You can choose to join with others and decide to dine together somewhere or, if you desire some independent time, you are also always welcome to do your own thing.
Medical insurance is mandatory on all of our holidays. We also recommend trip cancellation insurance. Contact your booking manager and we will help you choose the right plan for your holiday.
Many of our travelers join as singles. We charge single supplement fee to solo travelers for single room use. But don’t worry, we can pair you with another traveler of the same gender if you like.

A single supplement is an additional charge for a private room for guests traveling alone.
The cost of our holidays does not include international airfare. However, we are happy to assist you in booking flights to join with each tour. The prices vary depending on the season and the point of departure.
We can arrange early arrivals and extended visits. We will be happy to provide suggestions and ideas.
The more in advance you book, the greater availability of dates you’ll find.

Attention to the smallest details, expertise, and great local guides are the key to a successful adventure.