8 days
Greece, Europe
This tour encompasses the more relaxed type of walking treks away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns. Therefore, we will be mostly walking in the wild, across the old Greek traders’ routes. Furthermore, half of the walks on this tour will have Steni village as the starting point. Your accommodation there will be specifically chosen so that you can experience the true rural life of people on the island and a pure tranquil week in the mountains of Evia island. Tour is intended for smaller groups with a good level of physical condition, as the walks are somewhat demanding. However, walking on the feet of Dirfys, Xerovouni & Kotylaia mountains, we promise you, the views are rewarding!

Short description of the itinerary

Leaving Steni village, it will be time to connect the Evian gulf to the Aegean. Steep mountains will start mixing with exceptional views of the Mediterranean serenity. Villages which have just recently gained paved roads will link us to the secluded beach of Metohi which awaits keen swimmers. Kymi will be our final destination. This town of shipmasters boasts of being the birthplace of the prominent Greek doctor Georgios Papanikolaou. A walk to St. George’s castle will end our tour.
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Athens International Airport (Greece)
DEPARTURE TIME as per request
RETURN TIME as per request
GROUP SIZE 6 – 8 people
English speaking, local qualified guide
3* Hotels B & B or local apartments for 7 nights
transport to and from the Athens International Airport
everyday transfers of luggage to each accommodation place
everyday transfers to each hiking destination
breakfast, evening meals + wine at the table
international flights airfare (we can help you purchase the best ticket possible)
entrance fees to archaeological areas / museums
guided tours to archaeological areas / museums
travel & medical insurance of the participants
your personal consumptions during the relax day
tips & gratuities are optional and not included in the price

Additional information


Day 1 – Arrival - Steni

Overnight stay in the Steni village.


Day 2 – Steni to mountain Refuge

Starting of at Steni village, we will head towards the chestnut forest. Climbing our way up we will gradually start walking amongst the fir trees. Our final destination will be the climbing club of Chalkida refuge. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the mount Dirfis from the top. We will make our way back to Steni from an alternate route through wonderful rocky trails that turn into great forests. Overnight stay in Steni.

Walking time: 4 h

Walking distance: 5 miles (2500 ft of vertical rise & 2600 ft of vertical drop)


Day 3 – Xerovouni

Starting off at Steni village, we will head on towards the Xerovouni mountain. The trail is uphill and it will cross a stream several times. There is no fresh water supply, so we will have to carry our own. As we will reach out of the trees, we will spot the Xerovouni mountain, which rises above us. You can either choose to go all the way to the top (the hard version of the route), or skip the top and head straight towards the Kampia village. The scenery from the top is breathtaking, but even the alternate route is eye-catching. Arriving at Kampia village, we will have the option of tasting the local fresh trout. A short walk back to the village and overnight in Steni.

Walking time: 4 – 5 hours

Walking distance: 7 miles (2500 ft of vertical rise & 2600 ft of vertical drop)


Day 4 – Steni to Metohi

We will start our day with a short drive to the starting point of the day 4. At an altitude of 3300 ft, we will start our today’s’ journey, during which we will be mostly descending. We will be witnessing the staggering views of the mount Xerovouni and a constant view of the Aegean, as we will descend towards our final destination, which is Metohi village. We are going to walk along the tracks, used by people to commute not very long ago before there were even roads towards this side of Evia. We will come past the remains of an old cheese producers huts and plains of potato farmers. Arrival and overnight in Metohi village.

Walking time: 5 + hours

Walking distance: 11 miles (1500 ft of vertical rise & 4700 ft of vertical drop)


Day 5 – Metohi to Kymi

Leaving Metohi we will head towards Kymi. Just after a 30-minute drive, we will set off for the more daunting views of the Aegean from above. Today, we will mostly walk on dirt roads, and cross mountain peaks and lush vegetation on tracks that seem to be forgotten to human. In the past, bustling with people, Choneftiko is now an abandoned bottled water factory with a juicy story behind the rise and fall of the business. We will end our day in the calm town of Kymi. Overnight in Kymi.

Walking time: 5 + hours

Walking distance: 9, 5 miles (2200 ft of vertical rise & 3000 ft of vertical drop)


Day 6 – Relaxing day

This day, we will take our time to relax. Kymi is a quiet town with happy people. There are many shops to look around. The cultural museum is a must, as is the house of the world-renowned researcher George Papanikolaou. You can also grab a taxi to visit the port of Kymi which is really busy in summer. You can have a swim or enjoy a nice coffee or meal by the seafront. Overnight stay in Kymi.


Day 7 – Kymi to St. George’s castle

Leaving the hotel, we will head off on our walk towards the St. George’s castle. The castle was built on a prime position in order to check the straights between Kymi and Skyros – “just try to imagine the views”. We will then head back to Kymi and enjoy the rest of our last day in Evia.

Walking time: 3 – 4 hours

Walking distance: 6,5 miles (1700 ft of vertical rise & 1700 ft of vertical drop)


Day 8 – Departure day

After a good breakfast, it will, unfortunately, be time to travel back to the airport… However, if you wish why not extend your stay and have a guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens or just spend a few more days in Athens or on Evia island. Options are unlimited!:)

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Q. Will I have to carry my own luggage?
You will never have to worry about your bags on tour. You only need to carry a daypack with you whilst riding. We have a support vehicle and driver who will transfer your luggage to your next accommodation each day, and have it ready and waiting for your arrival.
On your holiday you will be staying in a range of comfortable, welcoming local accommodations, including traditional guest houses, small hotels, and a boutique hotel. For details please consult with your booking manager.
Traveling light is the key. Although the daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary in the mountains, so you must make sure that you have plenty of layers of breathable clothing to ensure that you are always warm enough and can remove a layer if you get too hot. 
You should also bring cycling shorts/trousers, gloves, padded undershorts, waterproof jacket, flip-flops, specific shoes for cycling.
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